4 October 2010

October 4th, 2010

Still no hedgehogs inside at the moment. We are still waiting for the windows to be installed this week. And then the boiler next week. So I thought I would do a bit of tidying up. And have decided to make this blog totaly dedicated to our hedgehogs or hedgehog related. I will be moving things from this one to what used to be my garden blog, because it seems the hedgehogs have taken this one over.
  We have been having loads of wet cold weather at the moment and the poor hedgehogs really don't like being out in it. We have a feeling Tyler has now definately gone into hibernation as he hasn't been seen on the camera now for over 5 days now. And the others have only been coming in for a quick bite and then back home to bed. Merry has been using Bag End(one of our hog boxes) to sleep in between coming out for a quick bite and then back again. He has even spent a few days inside the box. Cookie we have only seen once last night so we are wondering if he isn't getting ready to go into hibernation too. Brandy is a regular visitor to the feeders and she is now putting on lots of weight and will be up to size for hibernating soon. Harry who was a bit diffcult getting to go into hibernation last year is still wide awake and visiting the feeder. At times he looks a bit lost because he has no one to biff up. The girls are even begining to ignore him as they are busy trying to feed up.
  We still haven't seen the little one again. I hope he/she is okay and that mum is still looking after it. We are still putting out 6 bowls of food a night, but now they are begining to leave some of it. So it won't be long and they will be disappearing one by one. It is such a sad time as I really do miss seeing them on the camera. I hope they all do well and we see them in the spring.
   Once our major DIY projects are over I hope to contact Sue and see if there are any hedgehogs I can take off her hands to look after and overwinter here. I wouldn't know what to do with out a hedgehog in the house during the winter.

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