24 October 2010

October 24th, 2010

Brrrrrrrr it has turned cold here now. The hogs are all dropping like flys, and one by one heading into hibernation. We only have Suty and Suzy on the camera at the moment coming in for a feed during the night. We had thought Suzy had gone into hibernation as she went missing for a few nights. But she returned. And since has been feeding up again. Brandy went last week and she looked ready to go. She was looking a bit large.
   Talking of size, we have a new border, little Frodo. He showed up between the windows getting done and the Boiler being installed. I caught him and brought him in a day before the boiler men showed up. He was only 450 grams at the time or there abouts and wasn't big enough for hibernation. If he would put some weight on he might be ready in a month or so, but he is proving to be a bit difficult. I wormed him and thought he would start gaining, but he hasn't and has pretty much kept about the same weight. He is around the 470 grams mark at the moment and has been as heavy as 480 some. But keeps around 475. I will be worming him again next week as the eggs if there were any would be hatching out. If afterwards he doesn't gain, I will have to see what the vet suggests.
   He has had a run outside this morning in the pen and hopefully the chilly autumnal air and the exercise will give him an appetite. He reminds me alot of little Alex. Who well could be his father. I really wish there was a do it yourself dna testing kit. This would  help in trying to figure out what baby belongs to which parents. I have since changed my mind on little Suty and think that she is actually Henrietta's baby along with Brandy. Suzy when she is near them runs. Henrietta on the other hand acts like she knows them and will feed along side them. Their colouring is more like Henrietta too. Merry looks more like Suzy and Tyler. It really would be interesting to find out who was whose baby. But one good thing is we have had 4 babies this year in the garden. So it looks like we are doing something right.
   I wish my little friends a safe hibernation. And Please EVERYONE Check your Bonfires before you light them. It is very difficult for carers to save ones that have burns, though we all give our best to save everyone we can. And if you find a hoggy, please get it help immediately. Don't wait to see if it will get better, they usually don't. So the sooner a carer can get them the better chances they have saving them. We just can't work miracles though we wish we could.


Paddy said...

Thanks for the update Pat.
I wish I could hibernate. lol
Any sign of the little one yet?

Pat said...

Hi Paddy, Thanks for visiting. :) I sometimes wish I could too. But at the moment I seem to be just not sleeping. Not sure if I am on hoggy time or what. LOL
If you mean the little one... Frodo.... The one in the video.... He is inside, just moved him to the craft room.... We had him in the conservatory, but was thinking it wasn't warm enough for him. Just a little concerned about him as he doesn't seem to be putting weight on. Eats, but not alot. So we have posted off a poo sample to my friend Caroline at Vale to test it for worms...etc. Hope to hear back in a day or so and then we will know where to go from there. Even tried honey and mealworms but he isn't interested. :( And those are two favs of most hedgehogs. Oh and they should only be given as an occasional treat and not a staple diet.
Hope you and Sis are both well. :)
Big hugsxxxx

Paddy said...

The bit about the baby, that I was asking, I have no idea witch one you were referring to, it was in your October 4th post.
You said, haven't seen the little one again. I hope he/she is okay and that mum is still looking after it.
You have so many I can’t keep up. Lol.
I try to pay attention, but me old mind just goes blank. Lol.
Sis and I are ok, we were going to go to Welney, but the weather seems to wait until we decide to go then it rains, it doesn’t take much to put me off theses days, even when we have had some good weather.
Maybe I should stop thinking about it and just go. Lol.