28 September 2010

September 28th, 2010

The hedgehogs are busy eating and getting fat before they head off into hibernation next month. Our regulars have changed again and now we tend to get just Suzy, Henrietta, Suty, Cookie, Tyler, Alex and Harry from our regulars..... we have recently added two new ones.... Merry and Brandy and as of last night there is another new little hoglet running around the garden.

The boys have pretty much called a truce and have stopped beating each other up so much. It has now become more of a shoving match between Tyler, Harry and Alex. The girls are being brave and ignoring the boys and filling up on food. And the youngsters have been eating lots too along with keeping us amused with their nest building and wondering what they are up to.

Our DIY is still to happen.... We will be getting the new windows installed next week and the new boiler hopefully will be going in on the 14th. But if I can catch the little one it will be coming in regardless of the diy going on. We have had a few confusing nights of who is who as the marks have faded a bit. So I have been trying to bring them in for a quick check up and parasite removal along with a mark top up before they go for their long sleep. I will miss them greatly when they go into hibernation.

Sorry for not keeping up with the posts. Since I have had a bit of time off from the hogs I have been indulging in one of my other favourite pursuits and that is card making. Hopefully I will be able to get all my Christmas cards made up before Christmas gets here this year.


Paddy said...

Wow, I’ve never seen so many hedgehogs in one place.:-))
Thanks Pat.

Pat said...

Thanks Paddy. :) I think that is our all time high. LOL We are now starting to see a decline.... Two of the big boys were missing from the dinner table last night. Possibly the start of hibernation.... But I need to find that little one soon. Getting really worried about it. I just hope mum is still looking out for it.