21 June 2010

New baby self Anointing.

Sorry for the delay in posting..... We have babies!!! And these are baby babies. Their eyes aren't even open yet and we have now had them for about 6 days. We started out on 2 hour feeds and are now doing 3 hour feeds, but takes about an hour to feed. LOL Reminds me of when I had my twins. Brian is getting marginally more sleep than me, but we are coping and it isn't for very long.

We have three babies all boys. I will try to get some pics up soon of our new hoglets. And at the moment we have a name for one of them. :) I am letting some kids name them.

We may well have more babies nearby too as we think Suzy has had hers, and quite possibly so has Henrietta. :) Not sure about Holly and Millie.

Well off to start supper before the next feed. :)

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