7 June 2010

June 6th, 2010

Alex has returned to the garden again. :) And we were finally awake when he visited so I was able to bring him in for a check up. Other than one tick that I couldn't reach and a few fleas, he seems in perfect health. :) His missing eye area looks good and no infections at all. And he seemed to recognize us a little bit. I didn't want to stress him out too much. So a quick powder with some rid mite to kill the fleas and some neem oil around his skirt to keep the ticks off him. And he was released after a quick cuddle. Jingles was keen to see him too and is always around when I inspect the hoggies. :) Here he gets a bit of a surprise.

We are still trying to see if Suzy has had her little ones, but no news yet. :)


Paddy said...

I think Alex got a bit miffed at seeing someone eating his dinner.
He ran so fast he head butted that tube, what speed, he was like a bat out of hell :))).
Mr Jingles looks like he didn’t know what happened.8-(( lol.

The Urban Chic said...

Pat, what cute videos of all the little hedgehogs. Did you set your camera out or where you there watching this? They are adorable and I am so glad you are such a good caretaker. Miss you. Hugs, Pat