25 May 2010

Harry and George

Harry is doing really well and has lost weight. He is now at a good weight and is one of the top boars. He runs around alot chasing the girls and doing the manly thing of fighting with the boys. In this video he is dominating George(A new boy on the block). And what he does next surprised both Brian and I. It looks like he tries to bite George or taste him!! And then he starts the Self Anointing. This is what they do when they come across a new smell or taste. So I guess with George being a new boy he is bound to taste different.

We are starting to see all sorts of different hedgehog behaviour on our videos and find it all very fascinating. And with the babies to come we expect there will be even more new actions to view. This morning I could finally prove that hedgehogs do leave a urine scent trail as I was exercising Harry 2 he did a wee on one of the paving stones as he was walking. It wasn't a one off as he did it again. It wasn't alot, but more of a dribble, so that should indicate that he is leaving a scent trail. By the way he is doing great and we are maintaining his diet with the new food and weighing it in the mornings. :) So I can make little adjustments if need be to keep his weight down. He is a clever boy and really quite a character. He goes for a wander in the mornings around the garden so he doesn't go stir crazy and has something interesting to do before sleeping the day away. He always treks over to my raised beds and wanders through the Chard and leeks. :) Then tries hard to go into shrubs to escape. But mom is ever watchful and he hasn't succeeded. His wound is now a scar and I keep hoping that the fur and spines will soon grow in. I have noticed a spine on his head in the wound area, but he needs a few more before I give him the all clear. Otherwise he would just open the wound up again if he should fight with one of the boys.

As mentioned in an earlier entry, we are expecting baby hoggies here. :) I am so looking forward to having the girls bring the babies to feed. At the moment the girls are tucking the food away. Suzy is here most nights 3 and 4 times a night eating for England and drinking loads of water. Henrietta has changed her behaviour slightly and is more settled. Millie doesn't appear all that often and is of a good size. We haven't seen Holly, unfortunately, but with the appearance of Alex, that means nothing. She could well have found herself another home and people to look out after her. We do have some folks in the neighborhood that do look after birds and with all the Spring Watch programs on the telly, there probably are folks around looking after our hoggies too. :) Please could all remember to put water down for them and food too if you can. And dry cat biscuits are great as it doesn't get the flies like the wet food. But wet food is good if you change it daily, or rather nightly. :) Don't put it out till just going dark that way it doesn't get fly blown.

Latest count for hogs visiting our garden is 14 with 9 in one night being our record. :)


The Princess said...

what kind of animal was that on your first video? Anyway I like your videos! THERE COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pat said...

Hi Princess, Welcome to my blog and thanks for leaving a comment. The animals are British Hedgehogs. :) Lovely creatures. :)