21 June 2010


Okay we have babies. :) I will update the blog soon, but wanted to share the photos of the babies with you all. :) We took charge of three lovely little boys last Tuesday. Sue from the Tiptree Hedgehog Rescue contacted me on Monday and asked if I would be able to help them out and take in some babies. They were found after their nest was destroyed and there was a fourth, but unfortunately it was found dead. We will be looking after them until it is time for them to either go back to Sue or time for their release back to the wild. No way are they pets or will they ever be pets. But for a short time I can be their mum and Brian their dad. :)

:) Hope you enjoy the photos. I will be back to post more when I get the chance. ;)


MWebster said...

Oh, my goodness they are so adorable!
It makes me so sad to hear that their home was destroyed and about the death of the fourth little one, but thankfully there are wonderful people who are willing to be their mom and dad and to care for them :)

Pat said...

Thanks Monica. I agree it is a bittersweet thing. I hate that they have lost their mum and sibling, but happy that I get the chance to look after them. They are really doing well and hopefully will have their eyes open soon. :) Then the fun begins. :)

Paddy said...

Its very sad what happened to there home, and for the other little one that didn’t make it.
I hope the mum and dad are ok.
Those babies are like little prickly buttons. :-)
You both may not get much sleep, and I guess you would have preferred that they were still with there mum,
But what an honour to be able to look after them.
But they will have the best start in life, with there new mum and dad.
Lets hope you get to see Suzy, Henrietta, Holly and Millie`s little ones.:-)

Pat said...

Thanks Paddy. They sure are growing quick. Well it seems quick to me. Going on lack of sleep so I am running around like a dolphin and only using 1/2 my brain at the moment. LOL
I have some new photos and video to post in a few minutes. :) I hope you will be able to get over to see them while they are still babies. :)
I think the girls' babies must be about the size of these now. :) Won't be long and hopefully they will bring them to the garden. :)