25 June 2010

Baby video

The babies are now 12 to 13 days old we think now and it is our 11th day of having them. They all almost have their eyes open. Little Cookie is slightly behind the other two. They all now have names, thanks to some of the kids of my Ebay group. :) Jake, Cookie and Draenog. Jake was the smallest when he arrived and is now the largest. They weighed about 30 grams on arrival and Jake is now 70 grams. :) Cookie is now our smallest at 60 grams and Draenog weighs about 66 grams today. :) And today they have been eating from little jam jar lids. They are also getting fur on their little legs and around the edge of their spines. I don't think they can hear yet or they haven't made any motions to let me know that they can hear. I think that will happen in the next few days.

More pics to follow this post. :)

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