10 July 2010

Our Grandhoglet!!!

We are the proud Grandparents of little Suty!!!! Our very first baby hoglet that has come to the garden. We think this baby is the result of Suzy and Tyler's mating back a few months ago!!!! I know Suzy had babies, but not sure where or how many. They say that one in 5 wild babies make it to become adults. That isn't very good odds at all. But I am so pleased to share our little bundle of joy with you all. :)

The boys are doing well and growing!!!! Draenog now weighs in at 230 grams and Jake at 210 grams and little Cookie Monster is 180 grams. We have taken them outside a few times to dig about in the grass and they are starting to be weaned from their milk. They still get their special milk, only now it is watered down a bit and they are eating moistened kitten biscuits and starting to drink water too.

Pip is still on restricted movement and is trying to keep cool, poor little girl. Monday we should know more about her leg and foot. She is getting better at letting me give her her meds.

Some of the hogs have gone missing from the garden and the other night Tyler did come back as did Brutus. Off and on we see Harry2 also. The regulars to the garden are Henrietta, Harry1, Suzy and our new lad-Bilbo. Bilbo was limping a bit when he arrived and looked rather thin. But now is limping lots less and has filled out too. There must be someone else in the neighborhood that is looking after our little spikey friends too. As both boys that returned looked in good shape. We have had an exceptionally dry spell here and no rain in over two or is it three weeks now. I put water out for our little ones under the bushes and in a few spots in the garden. Jingles has taken up residence under the Rhubarb plant. LOL I think the leaves shade him and it is cool there as I keep it watered.

Hope you all are doing well out there and keep cool!!!!


Paddy said...

Congratulations Grandma and Grandpa, lol.
That’s not very good odds for the baby’s.
But better odds than had you not looked after mum and dad hog.
Its great to see the little one getting around there quite quickly, Lol.
Thanks for the update, you both must be exhausted.

Pat said...

Thanks Paddy. :) I know, but if we didn't take in Tyler, then this baby wouldn't have existed and if we hadn't put food and water down and looked after Suzy, I don't think it would be here either. There still might be others in the nest, just this one felt like getting out and about. We didn't see it this morning. I hope it is okay.
We are starting to catch up on our sleep now. :) Thanks. :)

Paddy said...

Hi Pat.
Reading back on what I posted.
Ie, That’s not very good odds for the baby’s.
But better odds than had you not looked after mum and dad hog.
Maybe I should have said.
The baby’s odds of survival would have been slim.
But because of you both, the little ones have a better chance.
Sorry for any confusion. :-(

Pat said...

Thanks Paddy, I know what you mean. I feel if we could have taken in mum and babes, maybe we could have had a better success rate, but our aim is for them to be in the wild. And I agree his survival would have been slim. But fingers crossed we can make a difference. :) Thanks hun and sorry if I am confusing you. Big hugs. :) xxx