22 March 2010

Our first Rumble in the garden for 2010

This is our first rumble of two hoggies together. Again we are still not sure who is in the garden yet. But we think the one getting biffed is possibly Tyler. And the one doing the biffing this time could be Henrietta. But as of yet we need to catch them and check them over. Their marks have mostly washed off since last autumn so it is really difficult to see who is who from the video. Hopefully when we bring them in we will be able to make out the leftover marks a bit better.

The Three boys who have been overwintering with us are now starting their soft release. Harry is in the pen. And spent his first night out last night. His food wasn't touched this morning so that could indicate he has gone back into hibernation again. He spent the winter in and out of hibernation. And would only go into it for the most about a week and then wake up.
The other two, Ben and Tiny, are now in the hutch. They will be going into the pen as soon as Harry is released. Or if he goes into hibernation then we may put Ben into the pen. As they are both awake and raring to go. I would like there to be just a bit more natural food available for them before we release them. Ben will be going back to Linda's garden and Tiny will be released here in ours. Photos to soon follow and more videos when Brian gets them edited. :)
Besides the hoggies and the fox, we have had a mouse or two on the video, but too hard to see on YouTube. There has also been we think a toad, A newt, beetles, worms and moths, besides all the neighborhood cats.


tracy said...

lol see the cat is keeping a safe distance these days. lol tracy xxx

Pat said...

Thanks Tracy. LOL Yes, he has learnt to view them from a distance. But he is still very curious. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat, thanks for your msg earlier - I'll give you a buzz tomorrow if I can. Love the idea of having Harry but want to chat about if the garden is suitable with having the 2 dogs sniffing about. Will chat it over with you! Katy

Pat said...

Thanks Katy, Look forward to chatting about Harry. He has gone into hibernation again since we have moved him outside. So no rush. I think it will be at least another couple of weeks before we have to release him.