22 March 2010


We had a surprise on the morning we viewed this video. And luckily we haven't seen him back since. Foxes can hurt hedgehogs and cats, so I don't like him being in the garden, but like I said we haven't seen him since this video. So hopefully he has moved on. I do feel so sorry for him as it looks like he has a broken leg. If he had shown up again I would have called the RSPCA or some one to come and get him. As I don't like seeing any animal in pain or hurt. He doesn't really look in pain with his injury so we think it could be an old injury possibly. And how he got into our garden is a mystery, as the fence panels are 6 ft high and only hedgehog sized gaps in the fences. The cats can get under the gate, but I wouldn't think anything much larger than them could. We have wondered if maybe he hurt his leg jumping over the fences in our neighborhood. But it looks like he is on the search for easy food as with that leg he would have problems hunting.
We will keep a close eye out for him on the video. But we hope we won't see him again.


tracy said...

awww pat he is soooo cute, i know they can jump higher than 6feet fence as i used to watch them when i had a flat, they jumped over walls near us, one got my rabbit, neighbour found remains in her garden. we had a family i used to watch playing on the green across from my house but havent seen them for ages. got a fright when one walked right in front of me in my garden last year but he didnt realise i was there, untill the second one saw me when he popped his head through the hedges. they are a fantastic looking animal, such a shame nature has its cruel side. lol tracy xxx

Pat said...

I agree they are lovely animals. But I don't want them in my garden. If he would stick to the front garden then I wouldn't mind putting food out for him, but still afraid of him taking cats. So I won't be doing that. Prefer them to stay in the countryside.