11 December 2009

Ben gets a new nestbox

Yesterday, the boys were all given new nesting boxes so they can start hibernating if they so choose. My friend Linda got me some paper boxes and they make great nest boxes as I can remove the lids without too much disturbance when I check to see how they are doing. This also gives them more privacy and they can really start to build nests now. Tiny has been sort of semi hibernating so I moved him and Ben to each other's cages. The one Tiny is in now is a little smaller than the one he was in. This video is of Ben in the new cage and with his new nest box. It doesn't take him long to figure it out.
I think it was a bit of too much excitement for them all as when I got up this morning all three cages looked like they had parties going on in them. Hopefully they will soon settle down and start hibernating.

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