6 December 2009

Hoppety 04-12-09.WMV

The outside hedgehogs are all hibernating and the inside ones aren't really doing anything much at the moment as they are in a state of almost going into hibernation. Tiny has actually gone into hibernation for a day and then woke back up. They are all in the conservatory at the moment and I try to disturb them as little as possible now in the hopes they will soon go to sleep. We have dropped the temps in there down a bit. It is still warmer than the outside temps at this time of the year.
We do keep an eye out for hedgehogs each morning on the camera, but so far all we have seen are leaves blowing in the wind and the neighbourhood cats coming for a nibble. It is actually amazing how the Ginger cat can distort his body to get at the cat food in the tunnel.
So while the hedgehogs are in winter suspension here is a video of our Black Bird Hoppety. This chap has been visiting us now for about 3 years. We know it is him as he has a slight problem with some feathers on one of his legs. He is such a lovely black bird and he keeps a keen eye on the garden.
Besides Hoppety and the goldfinches, we seem to have about 14 or so sparrows that have taken up residence in one of our bushes this year. They are so lovely to watch along with the other birds that visit the garden. And recently we have been having a pair of squirrels visit the garden. We toss them some Monkey nuts(peanuts) out on the lawn and they gather them up and then burry them under the conifers. So funny to watch them do this. They never seem to eat them, just bury them. The entertainment value is well worth the £1 we spent for the bag of peanuts.
So it will be a bit quiet here on the hedgehog blog until something new happens. And probably won't be much until the spring. But I will post from time to time to let you know how they are all getting on.

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