11 December 2009

Hedgehogs don't make good pets!!!!

This Season's Must haves

The above link is to an article put out by the Northwich Guardian about the new latest pet craze here in the UK. This is something that should not have been published and definately shouldn't have been published around Christmas. Pygmy African Hedgehogs are not what I would consider as an ideal pet. And it is illegal to keep wild hedgehogs as pets. Hedgehogs are nocturnal creatures!!!! Keeping them awake during the day is not good for their health and neither is being kept in a handbag. They have a very special diet and if you don't know what that is then they can become malnurished and complications can set in with the poor things. The two species of hedgehogs are way different from each other and they need different diets so you can't be feeding them the same as our wild hogs. What is going to happen when the WAGS get tired of the little hedgehogs pooing in their handbags??? They can't be released and shouldn't be released back to the wild, because these little creatures come from a different country altogether.... they come from a desert region not the chilly climes of the UK. You can't housetrain them. Honest they go where and when they like and the more mess they can make the happier they are.
I do think they are cute and I do love the wild ones in my care, but that is just it..... they are only in care for a very short period of time and then back to the wild they go. They are reared up to a healthy weight and then go into soft release before they are released into a safe garden and back into the wild. But the ones I look after are just that - Wild. The Pgmy ones are coming from breeders and all sorts of problems can arrise if the breeders aren't respectible. Rather than carry around an animal like this in your handbag, why not open your wallets and give to the British Hedgehog Preservation society so that everyone in the UK will be able to enjoy hedgehogs now and for the future!!!!! Do something that is actually going to be something worthwhile rather than some fashion craze that will be out of fashion next month!!!!!
Make a donation to the British Hedgehog Preservation Society!!

The Daily Mail has also published an article, but personally I feel that they should really go after these people alot harder to prevent them advertising these poor little creatures as pets.
The Daily Mail

It isn't fair on them!!!!


The Urban Chic said...

Hi Pat, I think you are right and I blame the parents for not investigating when buying pets for their children. They are the cutest little animals, but like you, they belong in their environment. I'm so glad you are taking care of them and it sounds like you are busy doing that. I miss all of you from our group. I haven't crafted in almost 2 years. I have repainted some pieces I have, but that's a far cry from crafting. Hopefully 2010 will bring back my inspiration to craft again. Love you and I wish you and Brian a Happy Holiday. Pat

Pat said...

Hi Pat, I hope you have a very Happy Holidays too.

Paddy said...

Hi Pat.
I sometimes wonder, what is it with some people.
And what poor animal will be the next craze.

Anyway, thanks for the link to the BHPS.
I will be making a small donation.
Plus sending me old stamps and printer cartridges.
And buying a few bits from the catalogue, er sorry, there Hogalogue. Lol.
Paddy X

Pat said...

Thanks Paddy. :) It will be most appreciated. :)