2 October 2009

October 2nd, 2009

Update on Thor and Ace. My friend Linda stopped by with George on their way home from work and football practice. George is the lad whose garden the boys were released in. He said they released them on Saturday night and that they have been coming back and eating the food during the night. And he had got to see them once. So the boys are doing well. And they have such a lovely garden to live in too. :)
Well we had the camera aimed at the girls last night so missed seeing any of the garden hogs arrive. They seemed to both do quite well in their pen and enjoyed eating. There was a bit of nest building going on too, where they go around collecting straw or leaves in their mouths to take into their nest boxes. I plan to give them some more straw tonight as the temps are dropping here a little more tonight.
I thought we had turned a corner with Jamie, but she has gone back down again. I have started giving her fluids by syringe and keeping her warm. She looks better than when she arrived and had perked up there a bit. Maybe she will come round when it turns night time with her being nocturnal. I am hoping for the best.
The others are all doing just fine and putting on lots of weight here. And growing.

The boy finally has a name. My friend's Beavers has decided to name him Spikey and that is really quite an appropriate name for him. I have been on the end of a few of those spikes. :)

And today is Brian's 75th Birthday here. We are planning on celebrating here at home quietly the pair of us, Jingles and the hedgehogs. :)


Mrs B E Gray said...

Brutus is a bit of a bully boy isn't he, but it did look funny

Pat said...

Hi Barbara!!!! :) Thanks for visiting the blog and commenting. And an extra big thanks and hugs for all the newspapers!!!! We couldn't do this without yours and Lindas help!!! Yes he is a bit of a bully, but he has gone missing now from the garden. I wonder if he has found someplace else more interesting to bully about. :)