1 October 2009

October 1st, 2009

Update on the hedgehogs.
The girls, Holly and Millie are still piling on the weight in anticipation for their release on Sunday or Monday night. Brian says, Monday is supposed to be a better night, so we may opt for that.
Henrietta is in the conservatory cage piling on the weight there and acclimatising to the cooler temps at night.
The boy is about to get a name, as the Beavers will choose one tonight for him. :) He is a real handful. Quite huffy and puffy and hissy and bites. Not seen or had one like him before. He has had to move to the large cat carrier today, because Gail is now in the smaller of our cages, and she is doing really well and a little sweetie. Jamie is now in the large cage. She was quite feisty last night when I was up checking on her during the wee hours. She was trying to climb out of the carrier and even huffed at me a time or two. Not sure what did it. But we did end up giving her a nice warm lavender bath and putting her under a heat lamp afterwards to warm up yesterday afternoon. And I swear I saw her smile. I think getting the flea powder and dirt off her and what ever else there was could only be a good thing. She was smelling quite foul and I thought if she wasn't going to make it she would go at least feeling clean and relaxed from the bath. She is looking loads better and is actually eating biscuits now. Though she still isn't out of the woods yet. I am quite happy with her progress so far. :)
The cam is still going well, and we watch it every morning on fast forward to see what has been going on in the garden at night. I am a little worried. Gus has now been missing for 3 nights now. Suzy went missing for a night, but is back. And now Brutus has gone missing for the past two nights. Tyler has been showing up every night as have some of the neighborhood cats. And Jingles is ever watchful over the garden and the hoggies. Still no sign of little Alex. I sure do miss him.
I actually took time out yesterday and cleaned one of my raised beds and planted it up for winter. :) And we seem to have loads of birds back in the garden again. Most mornings they are hoovering up the leftovers from the hoggies and also we are putting food out for them too.
Please remember to put water out for wildlife and also some food out for the hoggies. :) You can make a huge difference in their survival. :)

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