4 October 2009

October 4th, 2009

We have anxiously been waiting for Autumn Watch to begin here. As we love the program and the presenters are pretty good about getting everyone interested in wildlife and nature. Well this time round they have asked for videos of wildlife. And I sent them in the one of Brutus rumbling poor Gus in the garden and they have it posted up on their web page. :) How cool is that!!! Autumn watch Movies Now if we could only get Simon King to stop saying that Slugs are Hedgehog's favourite food!!!!!! They aren't!!!! Come on you lot at Autumn watch and pay attention to what is being said on the message board about hedgehogs please. :)
All the babies are doing super and growing rather quickly here. I will try to get some new photos of them today when they go out for some exercise later.
Jamie is still holding her own, but I am feeding her every 3 to 4 hours now to make sure she keeps weight on and doesn't loose anymore. She did seem a bit brighter this morning around 5am. I even heard her crunching a few biscuits during the night. I sleep with her next to me so I can take care of her during the night. And we have been kipping down in the lounge so as not to disturb Brian's sleep. Jingles is also sleeping with us and guarding us. He makes for an excellent watchcat. :)


Paddy said...

Well done Pat, on getting your video on AW.
Perhaps you should give Simon a proverbial kick up the butt ;)) about the slugs.
Perhaps put something on the message board.
I think there was going to be something about hedgehogs, lets hope they get It right.
Paddy X

Pat said...

Thanks Paddy, We have let them know on the message board. Hopefully they will read it.