17 February 2009

February 17th, 2009

Okay I can finally say why I have been rather busy lately. I did an interview for Galaxy Zoo with BBC's Graham Satchell. Here is a link to the interview BBC Galaxy Zoo interview
I hope you enjoy watching.... As Zoo2 is now officially launched.


Alice said...

WELL DONE PAT. I loved watching that. I love the stork galaxy that was up on your screen while you were talking. And you looked great in that observatory too . . . lol :D

The Urban Chic said...

Pat, I enjoyed watching the video and could not beleive after all these years, you do not have a British accent. You look really great and love the smile and giggle. I hope Jingles adjust soon. Dad's cat has finally adjusted at my brothers house and they cleaned her up and she is now a house cat and too afraid to go outside. Have fun in Galaxyland. Love and Hugs, Pat

Pat said...

Thanks Alice. :)

Pat, actually I didn't sound as American as I thought I was going to. LOL

Nettie said...

I could hear a little bit of a British accent trying to creep through...but yes you're still quite American sounding to me...was great to actually hear what your voice sounds like.
Guess you will never loose your American accent.
My sister in law from Scotland has lived in Australia for 30yrs now & she's still very Scottish sounding...think she's only picked up some Aussie swear words not any Aussie accent...hahaha

Pat said...

Thanks Nettie!!! :) I have learnt one or two British swear words too. :)