1 March 2009

March 1st 2009

We have had some lovely clear nights here the past few nights and were lucky to see the Moon and Venus together. I was even fortunate to catch a bit of earth shine on the moon. I went out last night to get photos, but wasn't so lucky. The moon was higher in the sky than Venus and for some reason the little camera that took the above shot just came out blurred. It could have been temperature as it was just a tad bit colder last night.
Well the temps this past week have warmed up and we have some spring bulbs in bloom here now. The snowdrops, crocus and Daffs are going well. And I did notice the hyacinths poking their little heads up too. Brian and I even spent part of the day doing some tidying in the garden. Jingles had a good play outside too. And then had to have a bribe to come in, instead of out there terrorizing the birds. We seem to have a few pairs of birds hanging around too. Mr. Hoppity(blackbird) has finally found a mate and Mr. and Mrs. Dunnock are residents of the cottoneaster bush. And Mr. Robin has decided to also share his garden with a Mrs. Robin. So I think spring has sprung here. And unfortunately I did hear the song thrush singing the other day too..... I don't mind really, but I do when he sits outside our bedroom window and sings his same song over and over and over again. No variation at all. It sounds like Repeat repeat repeat.... Song Thrush Press play on the song and you can see what I mean about him being rather annoying... if that is all you hear for hours and hours on, every morning and evening. I guess he is a bittersweet type of bird as I think they are so lovely and they are great to have around the garden. But "repeat repeat repeat!!!!" Why couldn't they have a lovely song like the little robins do or vary their songs like the black birds? I just hopes this year he finds another place to sit and sing, but if he chooses us again I guess I will just have to put my earphones on and listen to some music here. Even the little Dunnocks have a very pretty tune to sing for being rather dull looking little birds. Oh and we also get the occasional wren in the garden singing too. But over all I think the winter is finally on it's way out and spring is here. Yeah!!!!

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