12 February 2009

February 12th 2009

Well this past week has sort of been a Galaxy Zoo week here. I had one of my friends spend the weekend with us since she lives in Wales and then on Saturday we went to AstroFest in London. We had a bit of a Galaxy Zoo meet up with a few of us from the forum attending the Lectures and then descending on one of the local pubs for lunch. I do apologize for not taking a lot of photos, but I was just too busy enjoying the day and the company to be clicking away. It was so lovely meeting some of the great people on the forum.

It was quite amazing to go to the lectures and actually sit there and understand what they were saying. That was such a thrill to me. The first lecture was on sharper images and how they use mirrors in giant telescopes in order to help correct for the distortion caused by the earths atmosphere. The next lecture was on Barred Spiral Galaxies and I found this one very very interesting. Then we had a bit of a break and then two more lectures. The next being about the red spot on Jupiter. This one was okay and I think Brian was a bit bored. The last lecture we attended was about the Apollo 11 mission to the Moon and this one brought back some of the feelings I had when I was 11 years old standing at the black and white telly watching Neil Armstrong step foot onto the moon. Sir Patrick Moore was one of the speakers and it was a thrill to be in the same room as him and hear him speak. I do have a photo, but it is taken from a bit of a distance and a bit blurred. I did have a rather tall gentleman sitting in front of me during the lectures.

And then I had a bit of added excitement, which I will have to wait till next Tuesday to tell you about. Lets just say that I had a visit from Auntie.

Poor Jingles is still trying to adjust to the loss of Cheeky here and has become a rather picky eater of late. It is hard finding things he likes to eat. I get the impression that he thinks he should be eating what we are eating. I don't mind, but alot of it he doesn't like. Tonight he turned his nose up at the sausages with onion gravy and mashed potatoes. He also still goes out the front door like Cheeky is about to pounce on him. And then will rush around and come in the back door. The above photo is one of his favourite sleeping positions. He is always covering his eyes when he sleeps during the day.

Well we have snow here tonight so I may well post a few pics tomorrow of the white stuff. We sure seem to be getting our fair share lately.

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