3 February 2009

February 3rd, 2009

We are slowly adjusting to not having our friend Cheeky around. I am still sadden by the loss of him as is Brian. Jingles is trying to find his place now and adjust to life being an only cat. He does seem at times more concentrated on us and what we are doing. He is also talking more than he used to. Not only does he meow to let us know he has come inside, but sometimes he will just meow I guess trying to tell us something he deems we should know. I have found he doesn't like eating alone, I guess nobody really does, I know I don't. Food is something to be shared.... and as Brian will probably tell you I cook enough to share with the whole neighborhood.

Well yesterday we had snow!!!! And lots of it. They were reporting on the news that it has been the most snow in over 18 years for our region. It still isn't the amounts we used to get back in Indiana, but it is enough (6 inches by the way) to cause complete havoc here. The schools closed and my friend who works for a school had a day out playing with her kids in the snow. Brian and I kept watching the birds all day who were visiting our feeders and the water bath.

This is our blackbird Hoppity who is guarding the food from the other birds. He will share with the little robin, but the others had better keep a close eye out.

For some reason snow is exciting. I know I get a buzz when I see those snowflakes fall and then gather and mound up making everything look all fluffy and white. I also get a panic feeling when I have to go out walking in it, just knowing I am gonna slip and fall.I remember one of my first outings when the boys were babies and I fell carrying Dan. Luckily he landed on top of me and not the other way around. Maybe that is where the excitement comes from, the prospect of falling. Who knows.

Today is the melting yucky stage of the snow. Where it isn't pristine and white, but rather slushy and dirty. I don't like this stage at all because if the temps drop it becomes ice and then I know if I go out in it I will fall, no anticipation there, just fact. So for now I have no plans of leaving my lovely warm house today, instead I will look out at the melting snow and remember all those past winters and appreciate how few snowfalls we have here. And enjoy the photos my friend sends of her and the kids out playing in the snow.


The Urban Chic said...

Pat, I am so envious. We never get that kind of snow. Even the little we had in December was nothing. How beautiful that looks. My sister and her children got lots like you did. I read about the snowfall and how London almost shut down---that would be like New Orleans as they don't know how to deal with it. Stay warm. Love and Hugs, Pat

Pat said...

Hi Pat, It was nice snow for a little while, but I hate it when it starts the melting process. Gets all dirty, muddy and slushy and then freezes at night. LOL Yup London did have a bit of a problem with the snow as did alot of places here. Hope you are doing well. Big hugs and thanks for visiting.