27 January 2008

January 27th, 2008

Hi all!!! Sorry for not updating for ages. Been a bit on the busy side and this that and the other going on. No excuse really.

Brian (my son)has sent me some new photos of Dory She is growing sooooooooo quick!!!! Starting to take her first steps toward walking already!!! This is the little outfit we got her for Christmas and she is just sooooooo cute!!!

Here she is with Mum.

She is such a happy little girl!!!

I just love this photo!!!! I think she may well be as mischievious as her dad was when he was little so I hope he takes note!!! LOL

Besides working and cooking I have been busy trying to get some cards made for my friend down in Cornwall for the Old Cats Home. It is something I want to help with as both Brian and I enjoy our two boys soooooooo much. It is a little part I can do to give back to the cats. Here are a few of the cards I have made so far......

I have a few more done but have not taken photos of them yet. We are also having another competition in our Ebay group. One of our lovely memebers (Louise) sent everyone some chipboard and card and some charms for us to try and make some cards. Then everyone sends them to me for photos along with a craft goodie. We then vote whose card is the best and they win a prize. Usually we have 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. We then send the cards down to my friend Patk and she then sells them for the Old cats home. We have done quite well in the past and every little helps.

Brian and I also took part this morning in the RSPB National Birdwatch count. Our results were 2 robins, 1 black bird, 1 blue tit, 2 gold finches, 3 starlings and a house sparrow. This was no thanks to Mr. Cheeky who decided he would be outside at this time and try his best to frighten off the birds. I did managed to get him back inside so we could count something.

I don't know if you can see Jingle's tail, but he is at the bottom of the stairs wanting to come up to bed and guess who is laying in wait for an attack!!!!

You do have to be careful trying to go past him as he will grab your legs as you try to step over him. Yes a very mischievious cat!!!

I have done some tutorials on my ebay group for some of our card clubs and these photos are the results. We are trying to start an all Occasion club (I mainly need something to get me inspired and thought this might be a great idea.) Well we need something to hold the cards so I did a few different things that I found instructions at Splitcoast Stampers site . This first one is rather detailed and complicated it is for a box holder and so far I have only done the one.

These little totebags were easy to do and I quite like making them. Not only would they be great for holding cards but also for holding small pressies in. And they can be co-ordinated to your cards and gift tags.

Another idea is for a portfolio type of container.

This would be great for holding stationary or a few cards and envelopes. Again it can also be colour co-ordinated.
Besides having two all occasion card clubs, I also have two Christmas card clubs. This is so I can get ahead on my Christmas cards. So my goal is to make 12 Christmas cards a month. Last year I made about 10 a month and still had to make one or two during December. We go by themes to keep things interesting. I still have a few to make yet for the Ebay group, but I will be working out of my comfort zone in trying to make Shaker cards. I will get them done. But still working on how I want to do them. LOL I did manage to get 10 Iris folded ones completed this month.
The two club themes are Shaker cards and Iris folding if you haven't realized for the month of January. Next months themes are Iris folding for the Ebay group and my MSN group is making Embroidered ones I think.

And here is a Thank you card I did for one of the All occasion clubs. Our theme this month is Thank you cards and the other group is Get well cards.

I am experimenting with the doodling affect.

Well hopefully I won't be so long in posting next month.
Hope you all are well and enjoying yourselves.


Lincairns said...

Aaaaaaww bless, she is adorable and growing so fast!
Jingles in looking very masterful!!
love the cards, they are brilliant, well done. :)

The Urban Chic said...

Oh how adorable Dorothy has gotten. The last picture reminds me of Blake,my Godson's little boy. Love that red hair.
Your cards and projects are wonderful and well done. Send me some of that energy and inspiration--I need it so badly. Love Ya, Pat

Pat said...

Thanks Linda and Pat. Yes she sure is growing up quick.

Crafty Gardener said...

Dory looks adorable and happy. Ronan is the same ... not happy unless he is on his feet.
You certainly have been busy with all your cards. Great work.

Nettie said...

Your little grand daughter is adorable...& I love your cards & Splitcoast stampers is such a great site for everything about papercrafts.

Pat said...

Thanks Linda and Nettie!!!:)