22 December 2007

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Hi all, sorry for not writing sooner. Life got busy all of a sudden.
To start this past month off I had the flu for about a week or so. That really knocked me back in getting things done. Then it has all been hustle and bustle to get things done for the upcoming holidays. I received an early Christmas Present from my son Brian. He sent me a web cam so that I could do video chatting with them. And it was great. I got to talk to Dory!!!!! And also Angie and Brian too. It was lovely. I sat the whole time with the biggest smile on my face.
She has grown soooooo much in the past few months.

Here she is in her little Halloween outfit.

And here she is in her Santa hat!!! So cute!!!!

I have found it really hard to get into the Christmas spirit this year for some reason or the other. And I don't think the decs would have gotten done if it hadn't been for my friend Linda coming over and helping me put them up. So they are a bit on the sparse side this year.

Here is our tree in the front window. The snowman on the back of the chair my friend Linda made for our Kitchen chairs.

The fire place with Wreath. Linda decorated the house plants too.

This is my paper chain from my Ebay friends. This is the second year for the swap. The first year I think we only had about 7 chains. And this year we had 21 I think added to the first year. And like the chain our friendship has also grown. Next year I hope to hang it on the wall as I think it may well fit then.

These are my fluffy friends. The snowman is Cheeky's friend although this year the cats are frightened of the decorations and have been hiding in our bedroom. Both have been curled up in "Cat Nests" on the bed. A cat nest is a couple of my sweaters formed into a little nest for them. They just love sleeping on them.

And this is the banister. Very difficult to come down stairs in the morning trying to hold onto it as the creaky legs try to get feeling back after a nights sleep. But it is only for a short time. I know Brian will quite probably want the decs put away by the 1st of January.

I have been also busy trying to bake cookies.... visit the food blog for the recipes.

And making the last few Christmas cards....
This one was for a very very special friend.

And another for another friend....

And more.....

And this one was a fav I enjoyed making.

I had been making them all through the year, so that at Christmas time I wouldn't be bogged down with making so many at the last minute. Come January I will start again the goal is to make 10 a month at least. I think I may need to bump this up to 12 as I was just slightly short. My ebay friends and I have a club where we choose a different theme each month and make our Christmas cards by the theme. And then we share photos of the cards we made. A great way to get ontop of your Christmas cards for the coming year. Wonder if I can start another club with Birthday cards....

Anyway I hope everyone that reads this has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!
Love to all!!!


Crafty Gardener said...

Your decorations look lovely. I haven't put up many in the past couple of years but this year I have done a bit more, I guess because we have family coming home over the holidays.
Happy Holidays to you and your family.

Pat said...

Thanks again Linda. I love that poem on your blog too!!! Too cute. Have a Happy Holiday and enjoy the family get together!!!

The Urban Chic said...

Pat, beautiful decorations and I looove your fireplace. The cards are beautiful, but that's no surprise, you always do beautiful cards. Hope you and Brian have a wonderful and Blessed 2008. Hugs, Pat

Pat said...

Thanks Pat, The fireplace is fake. LOL I hope you and Al have a great 2008 too. And things get better for you there. Big hugs Pat