23 March 2008

March 23rd, 2008

Well it is Easter Sunday today and what better way to celebrate than with a cute little bunny!!!

Dory is growing sooooooooo quick....
Here she is visiting Steak And Shake!!
I just love this grin!!!!
Here she is with her Daddy!!! awwwww
And it looks like she got to have lunch with the Cat in the Hat!!!!

Wow!!!! I just love the Cat in the Hat!!!

Well we have been doing a bit of celebrating this month here besides it being Easter today.... This past month on the 12th was my 50th Birthday! I don't feel 50.... Not sure exactly what 50 is supposed to feel like....

It started out with Hamish and Yuk-kin taking us out to eat in London to Caldesi's Restuarant. It is modern Italian dinning. YUM. That was a few days before my birthday.

Then I started receiving cards.....
I recieved loads and loads of cards from Family and Friends..... My crafty group on Ebay really out did themselves. Their handcrafted cards are the greatest!!!! I recieved a lovely exploding box card from Doris at work. And even my sister in-law sent me a lovely handmade card.

The day of my birthday just barely out of bed the door bell goes......
And waiting on the door step is this lovely box of chocolates from Hotel Chocolate!!!!!!! It is a giant Dark Chocolate Easter egg that is studded with crystalyzed ginger and almonds!!! And if that wasn't enough chocolate there is two layers of more lovely eggs and filled chocs!!!!!!

I felt really special through out the day as I had all sorts of surprises.... I had a call from my Dad to wish me a Happy Birthday and while chatting to him the doorbell rings.... And these lovely flowers were delivered with a Happy Birthday Balloon!!!

And then a lovely phone call from Dan and a silly Ecard from Brian.
Doorbell goes again!!!
And I receive more flowers and chocs from my dear friend Marc and his partner Rick.
And since I turn 50 only once I decided to make my all time fav cake for my birthday.... Well it didn't quite bake right. It is a very tricky cake to sometimes bake anyway and this is the first time I have baked it in my new oven. It still tasted great!!! click here for the recipe of the Black Magic cake. The frosting is a fluffy gooey marshmallowy sensation topped with toasted coconut. Take some egg whites and beat with a pinch of salt till stiff.... heat some syrup in a pan until boiling. Beat some sugar into the whites and then while still beating drizzle in the boiling syrup. This cooks the egg whites and creates this delicious frosting. And at the very last beat in a tsp of vanilla extract. YUM!!!!

And then when school let out, my friend Linda and her family came by with even more pressies and we all enjoyed the cake together!!!! Thanks to everyone for making my 50th birthday extra special........ Oh and I almost forgot..... Brian gave me the best present of all!!!! Early retirement. So after next week I will be enjoying being at home with him and the cats. We have all sorts of plans to spend our retirement so I will keep you posted as to what we get up to.....

Here is another celebration photo.......
Brian got his hair cut!!!! It was extra extra short this time!!!!

And my Ebay crafting group had a card competition.... my friend Louise sent all the participants some flowers and some card blanks for us to make cards and these were my entries into the competition..... I didn't win this time round, but I did win second place in our last competition.

Thanks Louise!!! And a huge thanks to all that participated..... we had 96 cards!!!!
These were sent down to our friend in Cornwall to sell for the cat charity there. We all had great fun making the cards.


Anonymous said...

Your grandbaby is super cute!! She is growing quickly!!
Happy Belated Birthday ...

Pat said...

Thanks Jackie!!!! She sure is growing quick.