21 June 2007

June 21st 2007

The New cooker/stove is here!!!!! And I just love it!!! Just wish hubby wanted me to use it more. I begged him to let me cook him a full English breakfast this morning, but he just had his muesli and yogurt. Oh well.... I did get up to some baking today.... Will post that over on the foodie side of the blogs.

We did have a fly over on Sunday with alot more planes than for the Queens Birthday. It is pretty cool to think that our house is in the same line as Buckingham Palace!!! Wonder if the Queen will ever hold a tea party and invite all the people on the flyover line. Well I can but dream.... I do know that the name of the planes were announced on the telly, but I was too busy taking photos of them so here they are.....

I was quite glad these first lots went over slowly.

These two made quite a bit of noise when they flew over.

This lot was fast!!!!

A big one being escorted.

This one was all on it's own flying overhead.

And bringing up the rear again the super fast Red arrows.

Even jingles was enjoying being outside, as the day before we had a deluge of rain and the cats stayed inside all day.

Brian and Jingles enjoying some quiet garden time.


Crafty Gardener said...

I see you have a Sudoku puzzle on your blog ... something else we have in common. I love to do them, but haven't tackled any for ages. That is something else to add to my summer list of things to do.

Pat said...

Linda, yes, when I am not cooking or crafting or sleeping I can be found doing sudoku!! LOL Have fun this summer!!! We still have a few weeks left here before we break up for the summer.

The Urban Chic said...

Pat,now that's a stove that would make me love cooking---baking is what I love to do.

Pat said...

Pat it is lovely. And Brian has finally baked in it today. He made his rolls. I am still really enjoying it.