17 June 2007

June 17th 2007

Yesterday was the official day for the Queens Birthday and they usually have a parade and trooping of the colours in London. And here we get to see part of the festivities in Essex... The fly-past.

So this year I decided I would try to get photos of the planes as they went over. It was rather a short fly-past this year.. Not like the big celebration they had with Concord. Only 4 lots of planes. Sorry but the first lot went just too fast!!! So I didn't get them at all.

The next two were a bit slower and then came the Red Arrows!!!! I just barely got their photos.

I think last year and some of the previous years we have been sitting out enjoying the weather on the patio when they have flown over and I hadn't thought about having the camera out. This year we were lucky to have seen them at all as the weather here has been thunderstorms. We may get another fly-past today for the celebration they have today in London marking the anniversary of the Falklands war. I will try to get photos, but no promises.

Oh and I have been tagged by a friend of mine. It is on dreams or something like that. You need to list 7 things you dream to come true. Well I have been reading some of the dreams of my friends and it seems we all dream of the same things... And as a human being you would do.
1 Dream of world peace
2 Dream of no disease
3 Dream of no hunger
4 Dream of no pain
5 Dream of no polution
6 Dream of no more criminals or their actions
7 Dream of no more extinctions of animals or our own.
Yes those are the dreams we all have, but tagging on a blog won't make them happen. It will take everyone not just bloggers to make the dreams come true. But unfortuneately we don't live in such a world where everyone thinks exactly alike. Sorry for being a pessimist but that is the way it is.

I do hope your dreams come true!!!!


Crafty Gardener said...

I remember the fly overs from when we lived there Pat. We loved to watch the Red Arrows.

Pat said...

Thanks Linda for the comment, I don't know what it is about the Red Arrows that everyone just loves to watch them fly by. They move so quick it is hard to get their photos.