14 June 2007

June 14th 2007

No new photos of baby Dorothy to post, but I do have one of poor Brian sound asleep in front of the telly... This was taken right before I fell asleep in front of the telly. He has been working so hard this past few weeks invigilating exams and when not doing that he is busy exercising. We both were flat out last night by 9.00 . We aren't much good at being party animals any longer.
Well fingers crossed the new cooker will be here next Wednesday!!!! We went into town on Tuesday and the first shop we went into had the model I was looking at. And it is 10 times better than the one I was gonna buy, so I guess it has really all worked out in my favour. It has a wok burner.... and a high powered grill 15 seconds and it is ready to grill!!!.... and it has a fan oven that has settings for cakes, bread, proofing, roast meat, roast chicken and fish.... Ohhhhhh I can hardly wait to have a go with it. Must try to think what I will cook first!!! I think possibly a stir fry and test out the wok burner!! This is the web site if you want to see more about it...Cannon
We had a bit of excitement on Monday morning here... First off I got up to feed the cats and get my morning coffee when I looked outside for Jingles and what should I see but one of the baby black birds sitting on the back walkway... Ohhhh what to do!!! At 5.30 in the morning the brain just isn't in gear! I knew if I left it the boys would have had it as an after breakfast snack. So I picked it up and stuck it back into the nest in the conifers. I know they say never pick them up and no good putting them back in the nest. But I didn't have any other option. And guess what.... It is still there and being fed right along with it's three other siblings. Can't tell if they are girls or boys yet. It was way too heavy to fly and the wings weren't developed yet. I am just hoping that when they decide to fly they do it when the boys are fast asleep. Maybe one will survive.

Then it wasn't much more than 15 minutes later that I was sitting at the computer catching up on my emails and groups and blogs.... that I heard a high sqeaking sound... I thought Noooooo Jingles got the baby bird after all..... So I went into the bedroom just as he was starting to disappear under the bed. I grabbed him looking for the baby bird... No bird.... Then I check his mouth and he had a mouse!!!! He had been sitting by our shed that morning and I guess he caught one.. Well I grabbed him up and holding him by the scruff of the neck and his bottom, outside he went. I let him keep his mouse as it was surely going to die anyway with the hold he had on it in his teeth. That was his very first one he ever caught. And he wasn't about to let go of it either. Growled at me while I was carrying him downstairs. Silly boy!!! Only way he has managed to catch one is he had lost his collar and bell... So on Tuesday we got him a brand new collar and a new loud bell to go with it. He can still manage to walk rather quietly, but the minute he pounces the bell rings. Going to get one of these bells tomorrow for Cheeky to go on his collar and my friend Linda wants me to pick some up for her cats.


The Urban Chic said...

Pat, what a cute story about your cats. Oooh I'm not sure if Al would be happy if I posted him sleeping.
Oh you've been tagged by me for dreams

Lincairns said...

LOL pat.....

did Brian know that you took that picture???? Looks like everyone is sleeping in your house!!

Pat said...

Yup he does now. I kept telling him I was going to take his photo. Yup, the boys are always sleepy!!!