27 May 2007

May 27th 2007

Sorry been a bit busy lately. Off on halfterm this week coming up so should have time to update the blog a bit more.
I have a few new photos of little baby Dorothy!! She seems to be growing so fast already. Being a new granny I keep trying to knit... I guess I have it in my head that that is what grannies are supposed to do. Well I did a little sweater that I am not at all happy with and I really doubt that Dorothy Grace will ever get the chance to wear it. It is almost beyound saving. That will teach me to get a pattern from the internet that once you get all the major parts done and when you are ready to call it quits that is where the pattern calls it quits..... Guess the person that posted it got tired of all the knitting and writing. I am at the button band now and the pattern basically says to crochet a band. Well I tried that..... didn't look right.... So tried knitting one..... didn't look right again. So found another sweater pattern(a proper one this time) and it still doesn't look right. I think I am gonna call it quits with this one and start on another one. I did go into a buying spurt of baby girl sweater patterns on ebay. So I have at least a half a dozen to choose from. I did however crochet up some cute little things for Dorothy and I hope they fit!!!

More Dorothy photos

Brian and I are trying the Mediterranean diet to try and get healthy here. So I have been searching the internet for some nice recipes to try. I did tell him that there is very little red meat on this diet. So we will see how it goes. If anyone out there is interested if you do a google search on Mediterranean diets and the recipes at the Mayo Clinic look pretty good. I tried a lovely pasta recipe yesterday so far and the day before we had my version of a Med Fish dish. Cod with a tomato sauce served with butter bean mash. I think I am gonna like this diet as I love pasta and tomato sauces.

Here are some pics of things I have been upto lately if your interested. Some crafty and some cooking and some of the boys......

All sorts


The Urban Chic said...

Pat, Dorothy is getting so big already---I pinched her cheeks---had to do it.
Love your card. I started rubber stamping a few things and played with my Cuddlebug---love it.

Little Foodie said...

What a great blog! So lovely to see a doting grandma - very heart warming and she's beautiful. I could recommend several med cook books but there are so many great food websites and blogs that you can access for free. Thank you for the link to my blog.
Amanda x

Pat said...

Thanks Pat, I think I would too!!! Glad you are having a great time with the Cuddlebug.

Thanks Amanda!!! Love your blog and really getting into the Med recipes today.

catspause said...

Hi Pat :) Dorothy is just changing so fast she is a sweetie. I love the pic with her in the baby seat (with dummy) You know when my two were small I made all their clothes AND I knitted!!! Haven't done a thing since. Cards and ATC's tend to get in the way eh? lol

Catch you later pal.

Pat said...

Thanks Matty I have been trying to knit here, but it isn't going as well as the crochet. I know there just aren't enough hours in a day here to do everything I want to.

wellunderstood said...

thanks for linking to my blog! yours is fun to read and has cute baby pics (which in my book, is a big plus).

a great cookbook that isn't strictly mediterranean but has the sensibilities of that particular diet is called "the new american plate". it's available on amazon.com, and it's worth checking out!