14 May 2007

May 14th 2007

Okay I admit I am a dotting Granny!!! LOL Here are a few more pics of Dorothy Grace.

Dorothy Grace

Click on the photo to go to the albumn of photos.


Lincairns said...

Great pictures Pat, You must be very proud, now just to get you over there for a great big hug!!!!!!!!!!! LOL. Maybe one day, eh?

Hugs, Linda

The Urban Chic said...

Aweeee Pat, she is just precious. I would be on a plane before you could say goodbye

Crafty Gardener said...

absolutely adorable

Anonymous said...

She's a very pretty babygirl...I want one...I want a grand daughter.

Pat said...

Thanks everyone!!!!

Mozzi said...

Aaaaaaaw, is she not just the cutest! I love babies, their smell, their skin, their little fingers and toes, they are just so huggable! Congratulations to a very proud Granny!!!

Anonymous said...

Awww, she's so precious! I would be leaving on a jet plane as fast as I could get to the airport. However, I understand your fear of flying. Cyberhugs will have to do.
I miss the smell of Baby Magic, I remember I used that on my son several times a day...LOL
I'm keeping my fingers crossed, my son and dil are talking about adoption. I might get to be a Grammy oneday!