2 June 2007

June 2nd, 2007

Well it has been a busy couple of days here.... We didn't do too much last weekend, but come Tuesday Brian figured the bank holiday was over and it was safe to get out and about again. So Tuesday we did a bit of cleaning around the Cooker(stove for all my American mates). Decided it had had enough innings and it was time for something new.... So once we cleaned the area around the old one and tidied it up a bit, off we went to look at new ones... We did manage to find one that had the requirements I wanted. Electric oven, it has two, one fan and one conventional and a gas hob with a wok burner. It was the only one they had available. Hopefully it will be here sometime next week as I can't wait. It is the very first brand spanking new cooker I have ever had! But in the meantime. We also decided to get a new exhaust hood. Well.... It looked about the right size.... (I am finding out nothing is ever standard!!) Brian and I had a time taking the old one out and putting in the new one. But it is up now....And I am really chuffed to bits with it and us. It is all clean and shinny and is quiet!! Not at all like the jet engine we had before. You can see a photo of it on my food blog... My food blog
That is something else I have been busy doing.... Working on a few more blogs.... Started a food one and a garden one. As those are both something I am really quite interested in.
Our Garden
And yesterday we took a lovely coach trip to the Peak District. We visted Bakewell the village famous for their Bakewell Puddings or is it Tarts? They all keep arguing if it is tarts or puddings. Anyway you can check out the photos of the trip here....
Coach Trip to Bakewell

We had a very enjoyable day. The weather was gorgeous and we had a great time. It turned out to be a bit of a foodie tour. We had a lovely lunch at the Wheatsheath pub and then bought a pudding and a tart for taking home to enjoy.... Then it was off to Hartington for ice cream and local cheeses and then our last trip was to Ashbourne for Gingerbread. We passed through Buxton which is known for it's water too..... The scenery is so lovely in that part of the country and they have lovely stone walls. Well worth a visit if you want to see a lovely part of the country. Here is a link to the Peak District and some of the villages we visted... Peak District
Oh and if you are interested in making a Bakewell Pudding here is a recipe Bakewell Pudding
**Note if you click on the photo it will take you to more photos. Also I would like to appologise for some of the photos, they were taken through a moving coach window.


The Urban Chic said...

I am so jealous---now that is worth the ride. Such lovely buildings.

Pat said...

Pat, it was a lovely trip. Definately worth the sore bum. Oh and we finished off the Bakewell pudding tonight. Yum!!!!

Anonymous said...

I so love the English countryside & all those wonderful old stone buildings. Thankyou for the tour. I felt like I was riding along with you.