25 March 2007

March 25th, 2007

Morning all!! Still doing a whirl wind tour here of London yesterday and today we are doing the Sunday drive thing.... Hope to visit some small quaint villages. Really depends on how well we all feel.... Feet are definately aching from all the walking we did yesterday. But we did manage to see lots of the sites. We started off with a bus ride from Liverpool Street Station to Covent Garden. Lunch watching the Buskers at Davy's Crusty Pipe. Followed by a walk to the bead shop and then China Town and Leichester square and Trafalgar square then down the Mall to St. James Park and then to Buckingham Palace from there through Green Park and got on a bus to Victoria station and then from there on another bus to Westminster Abbey and Big Ben and Houses of Parliament. Some souviener shops and a potty break. :) Then down the Embankment or is it up the embankment past the London Eye and Cleopatras needle back to Covent Garden and Porters Restuarant for our supper. And then by mutual consent we decided to catch a bus back to the station and home..... Knackered out!!!
Will be posting picts at a later date so watch this space!!!
Little Sis's visit

Alicia's photos of the London Trip


The Urban Chic said...

Oh wee, I think I need a nap after reading your adventure. My feet hurt too-lol. What a great time you must have had. Also love the pics of your ebay buddies.

Anonymous said...

Sure sounds like you were a fantastic tour guide.