31 March 2007

March 31st 2007

Okay it is the last day of March and Alicia has now gone back home. She left last Monday. So I need to update you on our Sunday trip to Lavenham and to post the photos. We did try to stop at some of the smaller villages but unfortunately there wasn't much parking in Finchingfield by the time we got there and we were starting to get a bit hungry so we drove through some lovely villages straight through to Lavenham. Unfortunately by the time we arrived the pub had stopped serving food. Grrrr And we found a little tea room. Well all I can say is Sorry to Alicia.... I can definately not recommend the Sweetmeats tearoom. Poor guy was on his own and what we had was, well barely edible.... We will know better next time.
We did have some lovely weather that day for a change. And walked around Lavenham taking some photos of the crooked old houses. And by the time she was ready to go back on Monday the weather was really really nice!!!!! So Brian and I made a day of it in London. We did the south bank walk along the Thames where they have really worked at making it a lovely area to walk in. I did take some photos to show Alicia the otherside of where we were the few nights before. And I finally made it to Borough Market!!!! A foodies paradise!!!! Now to go when it is open!!!! There were one or two foodie places open there and I did get some lovely goodies.... Cheese, figs, wine, horseradish, herbs and such..... We also found a lovely Pub below the Hop Exchange. Now that I have found this area of London, we definately will be going back. Any way here are the remaining photos of the trip and our wander around London. Click on the photos to see the whole albums....

Lavenham and London


Mozzi said...

Loved the "little trip" again, been missing them! And the photos are amazing, am so looking forward to seeing some of these places myself soon! Was jotting down notes as I was looking at them!
Sounds like we definitly need our running shoes on when we get there!

Pat said...

Marina, yup you will definately need your running shoes and good walking socks too. The buses and the tourist buses are good for seeing the sights and not walking all over, But some places you just need to get out and walk and see the sights. Also you will need more than a day to see them, as we ran out of time to show her everything we wanted to.