23 March 2007

March 23rd, 2007

London Meet

Good morning all!!! Back from the craft show.... wow it was really good. Lots of pretty things to look at and one or two demonstrations. Also met some really lovely people!!! I will post a link to photos later.... They were really super!!!! Afterwards hubby and I took a lovely quiet bus ride through London and it was such a lovley trip!!!!! Time to reflect on the day and also do a bit of people watching (hubby and I enjoy doing that on the buses in London) and the gardens were really lovely!!!! It was a route I am not that familar with and really enjoyed it. Then once we got back we went to one of our fav restuarants and had supper before going home. So all in all it was a really lovely fantastic super day!!!!!!

Today is our day two of going to London....I am going to meet my little sis at Paddington station. She is staying with us a couple of days before heading back to the US. I know we are gonna be non stop chatting!!! Well must get going for now.... Have loads yet to do.....

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