27 October 2009

October 27th, 2009

Well it looks as though Spikey may well be going into hibernation along with the rest of them here. Henrietta is only showing up occasionally now and we haven't seen Holly for about a week and Millie since the other night when we remarked and weighed her. We desperately tried to stay up last night to see if we could catch the Tiny visitor, but after two movies, lots of water and trips to the loo and a bowl of cereal.... we didn't have any luck. At 1.45 am we packed it in and called it a night. It had started to rain by this time and when it rains we hardly see any hedgehogs, so we will need to try another night. However all was not lost and we do have a great video of Frog hopping about the garden. :)
I think little Harry is on the up now. :) I gave him some worming meds and his dosage is finished for now. I will repeat it in a fortnight so that we catch any eggs hatching out if there are any. But he has been spoiled rotten in the meantime. I boiled him up a chicken thigh and mixed this with some Iams kitten biscuits and some Hills AD and his vitamins and Probiotics and tried to get him to eat. Well the first night we went the syringe feed route with mainly juice and Hills. Then we progressed to eating from a spoon!!! I also have been putting in the hot water bottles for him to keep him warm so any ideas he may have of going into hibernation are put out of his mind. He is just too small yet for any of that. And this morning we weighed him and he came in at 494 grams. :) So we are still keeping a close eye on him, but he seems to be doing well for now. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Pat, Glad to read all about Harry and that he's doing ok. And we loved the pics of him exploring the graden. Thanks for looking after him so well xx K, J & M

Pat said...

Hi K,J&M. Thanks for commenting. :) Harry is being looked after really well. I am watching him really closely as I don't want him to go into hibernation incase he thinks he should. And he made a fantastic weight gain this morning. So I think we got those nasty worms out from inside him. :) I have a video I will be posting shortly and you can see how he is being looked after. :)