27 October 2009

Harry being fed his Chicken Soup.

Harry was feeling a bit under the weather. We think he had worms. So he went off his food for a bit. I thought he felt a bit cold also so I made him up some Special recipe chicken soup. Chopped up chicken thigh, broth, some Hills AD, some Iams Kitten biscuits, a pinch of vitamins and probiotics. The first night we had to start off with a syringe feed, but he soon got the idea and advanced to eating from the spoon while sitting snuggly in his fleece pouch ontop of the hot water bottle. He has now put his weight back on and his poo is starting to look a bit better too. :) I will be keeping an eagle eye on him to make sure he doesn't go off his food again or think about going into hibernation just yet. He is still too small for any of that.


Anonymous said...

aww, we loved watching this video. I'm going to show Matilda in the morning - I think she'll squeal!! You and Brian are wonderful! Harry is a lucky boy! Thanks for all the updates, we really enjoy watching how he's getting along. love Kate & Jim x

Pat said...

He was just so cute eating his soup from a spoon I had to have a video of it. He is such a sweet little guy. :)

Paddy said...

Love the updates Pat, its like im there. Lol.
Are you starting a frog clinic now ? Lol.
And I loved that fairy. Lol.

Was Harry the one I stroked on my visit ?
He was so loveable.:))

Pat said...

Yes, he was the one upstairs in the bedroom. I think you also saw Gail. She is now outside in the hutch. :) That is just our garden Frog. He likes to pop out of the bushes every now and then and frighten the daylights out of me. :D