5 September 2009

September 5th, 2009 or Sleepless in Hogsville.

The babies are sure growing fast and all are developing into lovely little hedgehogs. They have on average had a 60gram increase since they were found only 5 days ago. Both Brian and I are still running around feeling sleepy and tired, but we are getting there. They had their first night without a feed in the middle of the night. Yeah!!! They are now trying some more meatier food with less milk added, and have tried kitten biscuits now too. They have done the self anointing thing already too. Along with the hedgehog slide. That is where they put their chins on the ground and slide. Also another trait I have picked up on is the stretching of the legs out back as they walk with the front ones. Not sure if just a stretch or if it is a way to scratch a belly itch.

We have been trying to take loads of photos and videos of them as I can't get over how quickly they are growing!!!! I looked back to day 2 video and noticed how small they were. And today's video I could see how much they have grown. When you are in a sleepless sort of state little things seem really important. And it seems we are living for the moment. As each feed is such an important step forward for these little guys and we want the best for them.

The camera is also going well and in the morning now around here after the first feed of the babies, Brian and I sit with a cup of coffee and scan the nights tapes, trying to mark where a hedge hog is on the tape. We hope to edit these onto the computer soon to share with everyone.

Brian did bet me the other day that we couldn't go one full day without saying the word hedgehog around here. :D It is amazing how quickly your life can change.

Here are the photos of the babies and you can see how quick they grow.
This is Day 2
Here we are on Day 3
And this is day 4.
Wait till you see the video of day 5!!!! You will be amazed. Videos to follow shortly of their feeds and some of the fun they have here at Hogsville. :)

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