5 September 2009

Ace having a bath

This is how I clean them up after they become a bit mucky in the food box. Since they were little I used a small cream cheese container. Now we have moved up to a deluxe bath tub and are using a Cart D'Or Sorbet container. The bits floating in the water is some lavendar. Only the best for our hedgehogs. They fight to be the first for a bath. Afterwards they get a tummy drying and then Dad gives them a more thorough dry and a cuddle. By the time we reach number 3 it becomes rather hectic and they are in their pre bedtime box and poor Dad is trying to cuddle, dry and keep the poo off the bathed ones. It can be quite comical at times here.

And Yes I do sing to my hedgehogs while they are in the bath. LOL

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