16 September 2009

September 16th 2009

Just a quick update pics to follow tomorrow or when I get a chance. The quads are doing really super. And Thor has reached the 500gram mark!!!!! Two of them are off to visit the Beavers tomorrow. I will be taking Millie and Ace. And our new little one will be going but just for me to keep an eye on him.
Yup you heard right we have a new baby. His name is Tony and he was 124grams when he came in. He is very sick and was even more so when he arrived. Severely dehydrated and covered in fleas. He also had fly strike. This is my first time dealing with that. And I felt like I needed to hurry to get those awful maggots off him. I got all that I could see and I did go over him quite a bit and often to check they are all gone. I called my mentor Derek and got his advice and I called and made an appt. with the vets. We got him in to get him going on some antibiotics. They are such a great group of vets there. They have seen that Brian and I are serious and plan to help these lovely creatures and are giving us a discount on our fee. Also going to see what they can do about chatting to the pet shop folks for some things for us also. :)
Anyway, Tony is being given fluids and monitored closely and checked to make sure no more maggots are on him or in him. The poor thing must have been in agony. He is now dry and warm and has had several feeds. So fingers crossed for the little guy.
Alex has been released and that stupid hog Brutus did have a go at him. Unfortunately I think he has frightened Alex off. We are watching the camera waiting for a glimpse of little Alex.
Tyler spent the day in Bagg End and we are hoping that he will hibernate here with u s.
Okay must finish supper. I will try to update more tomorrow.

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