17 September 2009

Our first casualty.

We have lost our first baby. Poor little Tony came in covered in fleas and fly eggs and maggots. I cleared him up of all of those, and we got him to the vets for some antibiotics, but unfortunately it was too late. He did perk up a bit and I thought we were winning the battle, but unfortunately between 3 am and 4 am last night he passed away. He went all snuggled up warm. Jingles kept me company during the night while I was trying to keep the little one going. But unfortunately when the flies arrive it is usually too late. Mum must have abandoned him knowing something was wrong. Maybe we could have helped if he was brought in just a day or two sooner, but we never know for sure. The finder was great and got him here as soon as possible.

This was little Tony when he was first brought in.

And this was after I cleaned him up and got him on fluids.

Rest in peace little Tony.


Paddy said...

Poor little mite.:-((((
I know you did all you could Pat.
At least he wasn’t alone when he passed away.
But it’s always sad.

Pat said...

Thanks Paddy, I thought he was gonna make it as he had started perking up there. But guess he was just too far gone.

We do have another one in today!!! A little girl this time. Henrietta. I will update about her tomorrow. :)