18 July 2009

July 18th, 2009

Tyler is growing up quickly!!! And is such a lovely little character. He now weighs 234 grams and is out hunting meal worms when we put him in his play area. He really searches for them down in the grass and all over. It helps him get a bit of fresh air and some exercise. I will be posting a few more videos soon. :) Oh and the hat photo..... Tyler is starting to outgrow the hat. :D

I had a call the other day from a lady about another hedgehog. This one was a female. Poor thing was really extremely dehydrated and we think she has been poisoned by slug pellets. Brian and I rushed her to the South Essex Wildlife Hospital who took her in and have put her on a drip. She did manage to eat over night and is now still recuperating. I don't know if she is out of the woods yet or not. As they have kept her. I guess I will get a call when she can be released back to the wild or if they need me to look after her a bit more. They do really good work and if you would like to donate to them you can do so via their web site. They are trying to build a new bigger better equipped hospital for wild animals. And they survive only by donations.
South Essex Wildlife Hospital
They take in all sorts of wild animals and not just hedgehogs.

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