15 July 2009

July 15th, 2009

Well the hedgehog caring seems to be going well and little Tyler is growing!!! He last weighed in at 172 grams!!!! So he has more than doubled his weight since he came in. He is eating Iams Kitten biscuits and has water with vitamins and probiotics for his tum to keep it right as rain. And lots of cuddles and looking after. Here he is snuggled up in my wool hat. He loves the wool hat. :)

Brian and I made him an outside play pen/area. Where he is allowed to get some supervised exercise but on his terms. :) He was chewing on some grass here and then that was the beginning of the self anointing videos I posted earlier. That is a ritual thing that hedgehogs do when they come across new tastes or smells. Quite odd to see, especially if you didn't know it was normal behaviour.

He seems to try something new every day and he can now climb out of his plastic shoe box. So we are taking turns watching him while the other does things like clean out his box, etc.

The other night we went to check on the outside food bowls to see if anyone was eating. And sure enough we brought in who we think is Headly. He doesn't roll up like most hogs do, but rather is friendly and likes his nose rubbed. We first brought him in back last month when he only weighed 885 grams and this night his weight was 1100 grams!!!! And he really looked to be a huge handsome hedgehog!!!

Sorry for the blurred photo, but you try to take a photo and keep a hog this size from jumping out of a plastic shoe box.

I put two new marks on him so hopefully some part of the tipex will stay on.

Well besides taking care of the hedgehogs, I have been battling with bug bites here. For some reason all of a sudden I have come across some bugs that I am allergic to. I just got over a dose of penicillin for some bites and a cat bite from Mr. Cattitude himself Jingles. Now I have a huge bite on my right elbow, which is now all swollen. I need to find out what bug it is and make sure that I stay away from these beasts.

Have you tried freecycle yet? It is a brilliant idea!!! I posted yesterday that I was needing some cat carrier boxes for hedgehogs and now we have 2 and 2 litter boxes and a house that we plan to convert for the hedgehogs. They need tidying up, but for free and to keep out of the landfill they are definitely worth it!!! Thanks bunches Ollie!!


Crafty Gardener said...

Tyler sure is growing, I've enjoying watching his progress.
I use Freecycle at lot here too .. fantastic!

Pat said...

Thanks Linda, I can't get over how quick he is growing. And his character is changing too. :) He is becoming a right and proper little hoggie. :)
We tidied up one of the cat carriers we got and it is a good size and will be brillant. :)

JaNs ArTy AtC JouRneY said...

Awww just love that piccy of Tyler snuggled up in your wooly hat :) Jan x

Pat said...

Thanks Jan. :) You should see him now, he just about fills that hat. :D