30 September 2011

September 30th, 2011

Well yesterday we were hogless for all of two hours!!! Gary and George dropped by on Wednesday night and picked up Bert and Blossom for rehoming at a friends house. They had homes ready and waiting on their arrival. Gary said that Billy has settled in to his new home too. :) Henry is still with Hedgehog Haven getting his ringworm treated. And yesterday we took little Francis back to Hedgehog Haven. We were doing a swap and I was bringing my Rosie girl home finally. :) She is the little hoglet we raised from a baby with her sister Dory and brother Drogo. Dory and Drogo went to a lovely place in the country. But Rosie has been at Hedgehog Haven recovering from her eye operation. I did ask if I could have her back and release her in our garden and yesterday we were able to pick her up. Sue calls her devil hog as anytime she picks her up she hisses and huffs and bucks like an evil thing. But when her mum holds her this is how she is...... She gives me kisses, nuzzles me, makes a chuntering noise and the spines all go flat. She actually does remember me and if wild animals can show emotion and love, I think this shows that they can. I love all the hogs I look after, but Rosie is one of the special ones to me and will have a special place in my heart always. :) Here she is inspecting her new temporary residence. We will be removing the pen on Sunday or Monday night. After all the neighbors do their gardening over the weekend.
Hopefully she will settle in and live in our garden or one of the neighbors gardens. We have food and water out every night for our visitors and have several visiting the feeders at night. Rosie will join Suzy and Alex as one of our one eyed visitors to the garden. :)

Here is a video of Gabriel. One of the garden boys. :) I had named him after the Angel. You can see they are putting on the weight getting ready for winter hibernating. It won't be long and they will be gone till next spring.

You can see a few of our visiting hogs here on this video. The rumbles aren't really full on like they do in Spring. I think the one lad is just trying to be the alpha male. It can all change come spring. And finally to our new babies. We picked up little Fran from Sue and Frank too. Only Frank will be going back today. He has ringworm and Sue has the meds for dealing with this as I haven't dealt with it other than with Henry who Sue is now looking after at the Haven.. We had got home and were putting together some cages when Sue called and a lady had a little one and was closer to us so could she bring her here. And so we now have little Pinky. The lady and her husband were very nice and promised to look for Pinky's siblings so we could be having more soon. I will keep you posted and post some photos up soon too. :)

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