12 August 2011

August 12th, 2011

Sorry for not having a blog post in a while. We have been a bit busy and I had to let a few things go for a bit. Anyway, here is a new post for everyone.
Brian and I haven't stopped looking after hedgehogs, on the contrary we have been twice as busy actually even busier than that.  We have looked after more hedgehogs this year than we have in the last two years. We have had a few that didn't make it, but over all most did make it and alot are now back out in the wild doing what Hedgehogs do. Our count as of today is 51 hedgehogs helped. :) So I think we must be doing something right.

We have teamed up with Sue at Tiptree who runs the Hedgehog Haven along with some other lovely folks. I have offered to take in some babies so that can free her up for ones that don't take as much hands on feeding, etc. Next Thursday both Brian and I will be going over to lend her a hand in the hogspital. We missed their open day a few weeks ago, because I went away with Carol to Vale Wildlife Rescue centre's Hedgehog course. I have learnt to now give the hedgehogs subcut fluids via a syringe and needle. This was very scary the first time I did it. And it didn't help that I stabbed myself not once, but twice in the fingers. I am learning that sharps are sharp!!! I watched a disection from the doorway, as it was a rather hot day and I didn't think they wanted to be picking me up off the floor. I also have now learnt to distinguish a few parasites from all the other wonderous things that you find in Hedgehog poo under a microscope. It has been all go as I have said. Both Brian and I did a stall for Sue at a Vetinary open day. It was enjoyable talking to people about our favourite subject. And we both are very pleased with the vets we meet as they are so keen to learn about hedgehogs. We took Jingles in this past week for his jabs and the vet asked if she could ask us a question about hedgehogs. So poor Jingles is really coming in second to them now. Poor boy. Although we are sure he enjoys them as much as us as he is out every night guarding them in the garden. :)
   Okay here are a few photos of some of the hedgehogs we have looked after this year.......

Aragorn, Angelica and Elbereth, We are still using names from Lord of the Rings. Angelica(Angel) is now in our soft release pen and will be released with another young lad - Gabriel. 

This is Bramblewright and his brother is Sebastian. They have both been given back to Sue today and are in the big Soft Release pen. Ready to be going back to the wild in a week or so. My friend Marc gave them their names.

This is Sebastian. He was such a right little character. He would pull in the net curtain that I had around their cage as a fly protector. And poo on it. When I cleaned their cage, Bramble would run and hide in their nest area, not Seb. He had to wander about and approve the changes. Have a drink, bite to eat and then he might go and have his daily nap. He was so funny to watch.

This little man came in and was laying flat. He was so dehydrated, had some parasites and was my very first Sub Cut guinea pig. His finder's Father and Mother brought him to us and called him Trouble. This little lad was anything but. He was so lovely to look after. His lovely finders wanted him back and they only live in the next estate from us. He was one very luck boy to go back to live where he is going to be looked after. :)

This is Elrond. He came in with fly strike. For the sqeemish, look away now. He had maggots in his eye and ear. I went into overdrive when I saw them. Brian and I worked like a team that had done this hundreds of times. I would say what I needed and Brian was there getting it and doing my requests quickly and without question. I flushed the horrible things from his eye and his ear and sprayed his bottom with some F10 insecticidal wound spray. This stuff is liquid gold. It kills maggots and fly eggs and will make them leave the animal they have infested. We were very lucky. I hand fed little Elrond and kept him on heat for a couple of weeks and we gave him some extra TLC. The very protective mothering instinct had kicked in with this little lad. I am happy to say that today he is over 300 grams and is doing brillant. We were worried about his eye sight and still a little worried with his hearing, but he seems fine on the sight, but will need more testing on his hearing. Not sure if he is just so laid back because I had to handle him so much and so isn't as frightened of things as a wild baby would be.
   Today we picked up little Ratty and Frank. Frank wouldn't eat for Sue and Co. So I am giving it a go. So far today I have been able to get him to eat twice for me. Little Ratty ....... well I will need to get a photo of him for you all. They are adorable!!! So photos to follow in the week. :)

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