19 April 2010

Update on Harry2

Harry2 is doing better and better everyday. We have another vet appointment for next Monday. And I think that may well be the last one as his wound is healing up really really nice.

This photo was taken on the 12th. And this morning there is more new pink skin than red wound on his head. His nose still has a bit of a sore, but it is also healing well. I have figured out a way to wash his wounds without having to touch them much. I fill up a large syringe with water and chamomile tea and squirt it where I want. Harry does like it to be slightly warmed. I also use HibiScrub on a cotton bud and he seems to like that. Harry is getting used to me giving him medicine and putting cream and medicines on his wound too. He doesn't always like it, but I think deep down he knows I am doing him good, as he will usually lay his spines flat when I am working on him. And sometimes he will hold his head up so I can get a good look at his wounds. Although since he is starting to feel better he is a bit more feisty now and I do have to watch out as he will sneak the prickles up without much notice and he isn't afraid to try giving me the occasional nip either.

Here he is enjoying a snooze in his bed. :) I think he is smiling!! He loves cuddling up in his nice warm fleeces.
Harry came in weighing just 496 grams and now he has more than doubled that. He is up to 1094grams. And is on a new maintenance diet. I struggled with Harry1 and his diet, and I don't want another fat hedgehog on my hands. So I am really trying hard to figure out a diet that will keep their weight down while in care once they have gained the required healthy weight. I think this is becoming an issue with lots of us carers on the forum. When they have to stay in care for longer then they don't get the same sort of exercise to burn off the calories they take in and so you end up with a rather large hedgehog. They will soon burn off the fat once released. And I won't release them unless they can curl up into a ball. Harry2 hasn't a problem there as he does the ball thing and hides all his bits from me. That makes looking after his tail a bit of a problem, but luckily it is looking fine and the syringe trick works great. These photos are of Harry2 outside having a bit of exercise. And they were taken on the 15th. You can tell the wound has healed even since the 12th and like I said this morning the wound looks even better.

I am trying to make sure he gets his bit of fresh air and exercise along with his new diet. The diet we are using is a mix of the diet Iams cat biscuits and normal Iams biscuits. Along with a new hedgehog food that has dried fruit and nuts in it from Pets at Home. I still give him his vitamins too and probiotics as he is still getting antibiotics and we are now worming him also. He had a coughing bout the other day so the worming meds are doing good, and hopefully he will have gotten rid of all lungworms before he leaves. When he does go, he will be a whole new hedgehog and ready for anything. :) Hopefully he won't run into any more strimmers.

Jingles loves watching after Harry while he is out exercising and he looks after all the hedgehogs in the garden. And when Harry was first brought in Jingles stayed by him to let him know he was being looked after by friends. He does seem to know when the hedgehogs aren't feeling too well and he worries over them like I do. This morning during exercise time Jingles and Harry actually had a tiny bit of play and a chat. :) I think he likes the hoggies as much as Brian and I do.

Although Harry2 is out during the daytime, Hedgehogs shouldn't be out during daylight. So if you run across any out during daylight hours please put it in a box and get it some help straight away. You can contact the BHPS and they can help or get you in touch with someone who can help. And if it is hurt or ill, get it vet treatment straight away. Waiting will usually end up with a dead hedgehog as you need to act quick with them. Just like Harry2's finder did.


auntiehedgehog said...

Pat, he looks amazing! I think he is not going to want to leave when he is all better :0). I personally cannot get enough of your wonderful pictures of him. Please keep them coming.

Rachel x

Pat said...

Thanks so much Rachael!!! And alot of his healing comes from the advice I got from you. So in a small way little NoFace is still helping other hedgehogs and so he lives on in them. :) Big hugs!! :)

Paddy said...

Great news Pat.
Always love reading about the little ones.
What puzzles me, with the help you both give our prickly friends.
I am surprised that there are not hundreds camped out side you house.:-)))

Pat said...

Thanks for dropping by Paddy. :)
LOL Who says they aren't?? LOL The videos in the morning keep us pretty busy. At the moment the boys are chasing the girls all around the gardens. And unfortunately have only breifly seen two girls. The boys won't let them near the food without hassleing them. Poor girls.
My friend Carole has just taken in a girl who has problems and she is borrowing one of our cages. So will need to keep the numbers down till we get it back. I still have one empty cage and the hutch is free at the moment too. As are the pens. :) But they will soon arrive.

The Urban Chic said...

Pat, you have a gentle soul when it comes to animals. I think it's great that you care for these cute little hedgehogs until they are ready to go out. Glad he is getting better. Love the picture of Jingles. Sorry I haven't visited in a while. Love and hugs, Pat

MWebster said...

Love the post. I really enjoyed reading about Harry2 and Jingles.

Pat said...

Thanks. Harry2 has now had the all clear from the vets. :) And once his spines start growing in and the wound is totally healed he can go to his new home. :)