3 January 2010

The boys are Hibernating!!!

Happy New Year everyone. :)
Well good news..... Harry has finally succumbed to hibernation!!! We were struggling to find out why he hadn't gone into hibernation yet, I guess he just wanted to see what the winter was like and so was keeping awake. Tiny has been in hibernation for over a week now without coming out.... and Ben has gone back again. They seem to go into a semi hibernation where they will do it for a few days and then wake up and eat and do their business and then go back in again for a few more days. Tiny so far here has the record for the longest stint.
So while the boys are all hibernating I will be taking a bit of a break until we have news to report. I may have a few bird and squirrel videos to post here when Brian gets time to edit them. :) We have two squirrels visiting the garden and the birds get their Peanut butter sandwich every morning too. The squirrels have discovered the peanut butter sandwich also and enjoy it as well as the birds. We watched a very acrobatic squirrel yesterday eating nuts from one of our feeders, the net bag type. And he was hanging upside down to get to the nuts and eating them hanging there. How do they manage to swallow while upside down??? Amazing creatures. :)
Hope you and all your family have a very safe, prosperous and Happy New Year.

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Paddy said...

I hope Brian and your good self had a great Christmas, and Happy New Year to you both.

Great work Pat.
Are you looking forward to the un-hibernating?
Great video of Jingles and the Squirrel.
It never ceases to amaze me what animals might do next.
Give him a pet from me, he’s such a good boy.