1 November 2009

Tiny 31 10 09 Off Home

And one more time he shows up on Friday night. So Brian and I decided to stay up last night to see if he would return......... And yes he did!!! :) And early too!!! :) So we brought him in and checked him over. Found out he was a he and de flead him and took two ticks off. He weighed in at 515 grams so will stay a few nights with us to fatten up a bit more. He is a lovely little boy and can poo for England, which looks healthy by the way. :)
Little Harry who is no longer little either is now a whopping 578 grams. He was doing a little coughing yesterday, which worried me a little, but it could be he is just coughing up the lungworms or he could have something in his throat that could have caused him to cough. I will keep a keen ear towards him today.
And tonight is the big night for Spikey. :) We plan to release him tonight around 10pm in the garden. We will have the camera poised in his direction.
As for the others, well I think they have all gone into hibernation now. We haven't seen Millie or Henrietta for a few nights now and Holly for a week or so now. I hope they are tucked up safe and are having a lovely hibernation. I will be ready for spring and the return to the chaotic garden escapades, not sure how we will manage to get through winter with out our hedgehogs on the camera.

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