23 November 2009

November 23rd, 2009

An early Happy Thanksgiving to all living in the US. I think it is this Thursday coming up. Brian and I are getting a bit lapse about celebrating it over here now. And I am a bit busy trying to get ready for Christmas here so we may well give it a miss this year. But I want to wish all my family and friends in the US a Happy Thanksgiving anyway.

Well the hoggies are doing well. Gail has been released at my friends house and is now on her own. I think my friend was a bit disappointed in other than when she put her into the pen she hasn't really had a chance to see much of her. You don't get to see them much unless you get a night camera as they only come out when all is quiet and it is dark. Even then you have to have it pointed in the right direction in order to catch them. We train ours on the food dishes in hopes we will catch them eating. And this past week we have not seen Spikey on the camera here, so I have a feeling he has finally gone into hibernation. We did manage to see an earthworm one night so if there were any hoggies out I am sure he wouldn't have made it very far. The weather the past couple of weeks has been rather nasty, with loads of rain and wind. So it is probably a good thing Spikey has decided to hibernate now.

Harry a few days ago.

Little Harry is no longer little. As of this morning we weighed him and he is 912 grams!!!! And is really quite the little tubby boy. Although he can still roll up into a ball. We think he could well be getting ready to hibernate too. But he will be doing so inside. He was moved downstairs into the conservatory where we can control the temperatures a bit better for any hibernation inside. He did do a bit of nest building yesterday and didn't quite want to wake up this morning for his cage clean.

Harry again. We have had to turn his box on the side so he has a bigger hole to enter into his box now. :)

Luckily when we were offered a cage by a gentle man from Freecycle, he also gave us four panels for a rabbit run. Brian put some hinges on some of the panels and a hook and eye on them too, so now they are really quick to set up. This we have been using in the conservatory to give the boys a bit of exercise while their cages are being cleaned out and they are also socializing with each other a bit. I think this makes for happy animals to have new experiences and they don't get too bored inside before we can release them back to the wild. The weather has been really awful lately and our garden a bit of a mud pit so they aren't getting outside for exercise at the moment. They don't tear up their cages as much when they get exercise or a bit of time in the pen. We have found that we do need to put news papers down as there have been the occasional accident, but it also stops Harry from trying to burrow under our rug. It is amazing how strong they can be. We also have a tunnel in there for them and a rattan foot rest that they can hide under and some toys. I have noticed the change in the two youngest ones it has been really good for them as they seem alot quieter and more relaxed. Harry couldn't be bothered and just patiently waits to be returned to his bed. He will actually climb into our gloved hand so he can get back to his bed that much quicker, another indication that I think he is ready to start hibernation.

For some strange reason Ben wanted to crawl on top of Tiny.

I guess he was a bit excited meeting his new friend for the first time. Tiny in the corner and Ben off to the right.

Tiny, the little hedgehog we found visiting our food bowls who wasn't quite up to size is not so tiny any longer. He is around the 650 grams mark and little Ben who my friend found is really doing well now. He is about to catch up with Tiny in weight and is around 615 grams. We figured since all three are close in size and the two smaller ones will soon catch up to Harry before long that we will keep them where we can start lowering the temps for them to go into hibernation if they decide to. And for us, the conservatory is the best place for them here. We do have the hutch for a back up, but that is totally outside and no temperature control on that. We could also put them in the pen with boxes if need be, but at the moment we are just seeing how they get on and letting them enjoy the 5 star treatment.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pat, Just checked in to see how Harry's doing. 912g!! Wow. We both enjoyed reading how he likes his bed. Think he sounds like us! So lovely to read about them all, best wishes to you and Brian, Katy, Jim and Matilda x

Pat said...

Thanks for reading the Blog Katy and family. :) I figured it was about time I updated you all. Really he isn't up to very much at the moment other than sleeping all day and then eating and partying in his cage at night. I think he is getting close to wanting to hibernate soon. :) He is such a sweet hedgehog very good disposition especially compared to the other two. :) How is the moving going?
All the best to the family and you too. :)

Anonymous said...

Aw bless him! Going to look at the vid in a mo. We're moving tomorrow! Currently sitting surrounded by boxes, so won't have any internet for a couple of wks. Will check in to see how he's doing when we're back online. Katy

Pat said...

All the best for the move. :) Looking forward to hearing from you again. :) In the meantime I think Harry won't be up to all that much because he is starting to show signs of wanting to hibernate. :) Patxx