15 October 2009

Thank you Pets at Home!!! And Companion Care!!

Yesterday Brian took me out for a Pizza. We hadn't been out for over two months here and we were going to celebrate his 75th birthday with a Pizza, but unfortunately we weren't able to get out then. So we went yesterday and boy was the pizza and starter and afters yummy!!!! Well done to our friends at Pizza Express.
We just got in and the phone rang. It was our vets office, Companion Care, they said that the Pets at Home had a hutch for us. It had been returned and was damaged and we could pick it up in the morning. So Brian and I went and picked it up and after a quick trip to the farm shop we immediately started putting it together....

We still have one or two modifications to make for the hedgehogs. But Wow!!!!!!!! A huge Thank you to both our lovely Vets who look after our little spikey friends and to the Pets at Home store too!!!!!

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