24 October 2009

October 24th, 2009

We have had a busy couple of days here this past week. With some moving and rearranging. Henrietta was released on Monday and has been visiting the garden since, all except last night. But it was raining last night, so not sure if that was the reason she didn't show up or??? Holly has been here most nights, but on Thursday night we only saw her once, so think possibly she has finally succumbed to hibernation. Millie was the only one to show up last night at the bowls. And a shock when we noticed a new little hedgehog on the camera on Thursday night!!! I stayed up as late as possible last night and was up at 2 am the time he showed up on Thursday to see if he returned, but he didn't. Again I think the possibly the rain put them off. However we did see frog there this morning. :)

Little Harry has been going out for his exercise each morning and strolling around the garden.

We are in the process of worming him as he is a bit perplexing at the moment. He caught up with his weight a day or so after he arrived and then he seems to eat a little one night and then the next he eats lots. Last night he seemed to have eaten alot but actually lost a little bit of weight, so we are keeping a close eye on him and will get him to the vets if he continues to loose weight.
He seems fine though and acts okay, so it may well just be worms. I plan to boil him some chicken tonight to see if he gets his appetite back.

Since Henrietta is out of the soft release pen, we moved her box under some bushes where she was seen to be hanging about in. And that freed up the pen for our next occupant.... Spikey. Although I think he quite enjoyed the hutch. Here he is on moving day....

Just out of the hutch and covered in straw.

His new pen set up under the Hazel nut tree.

I gave him a bit of exercise and a stroll around the garden while Brian put the finishing touches to the pen.

Hopefully you can see how big he has gotten compared to the straw bale and the stepping stone. He is well over 800 grams now.

He was so excited about his new pen and house he started self anointing. Here he is licking his house and biting it. And then another self anointing session. He is really enjoying the extra room of the pen and being on the grass and dirt. :) He will have a week to go and then he will need to be released.

And we have a knock on effect here.... that then freed up the hutch top floor and so...... since Gail is close to 800 grams and had been in the conservatory getting used to cooler temps. She then went into the hutch.

This is also the first time she has seen straw.

I think she likes it as she buried herself into it straight away. And that evening she pulled every bit of straw into her nest box area.
Hopefully tonight on the camera we will see the hedgehogs who aren't hibernating tonight and if possible, catch our little visitor and bring him in if he/she is underweight. One good thing though is they can eat and drink plenty in our garden and top up on the reserves they need for the cooler temps.

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