20 October 2009

October 20th, 2009

Last night Miss Henrietta was released into the garden. She was up to 834 grams in weight. We let her come out first and have a bite to eat and a nap before taking the pen away at around 8pm. And we caught her on the video night camera coming out to find she had freedom. :) Once Brian edits it I will post that on YouTube. :) But here she is the night before we released her getting a check over to make sure all was okay for her to be released. :)

*****UPDATE******* Videos of Henrietta being released can be viewed here.......
Henrietta's release
And she heads straight for my veg patch..... I think we need to put some more steps around it for her...
Henrietta explores the garden.

Last Sunday we got a new little boarder. :) His name is Harry. A lovely family brought him to us to look after and hopefully he will be going back to them when they get moved to their new home. He had some ticks of which some of the smallest ones I have ever seen before. They were no bigger than the size of the tip on a pin!!!! Harry is really really good and let me take them off him, even the ones on the inside of his back legs and his tummy. Either he is a very friendly hedgehog or I am getting better at handling them. :) He is a bit on the shy side as most hoggies are so it may well take me a bit to get some good photos of him. After I gave him a bath to remove some poo that he had rolled in and deticked him, I put him on the heat pad to dry off and check for anymore ticks. He was really enjoying the warmth of the pad and the fleeces.

And then we moved him to his new cage. He thought he was in heaven!!! The look on his little face was lovely and he snuggled right into the fleeces and had a good sleep and then he tucked into the food I left for him.

The tube he likes to crawl through as all of them do. And the ball is one of those that you can put cat biscuits in and they fall out when it moves around. He has had his worming meds now too and gets his vitamins put on his food along with his probiotics to keep his tummy in order.

Here he is sitting on the cat blanket for his photo. It can be very difficult sometimes taking photos of them as they sure don't sit still sometimes.

Here he is rolled into a ball and hugging my thumb. I do have to wear gloves to hold them sometimes as those prickles hurt!!!

I thought you all might enjoy seeing a close up of the prickles. You can see the new ones starting to push through his skin. I think it is like toddlers at the teething stage and this can be slightly uncomfortable for them as sometimes they start to get really huffy at this stage. I give them evening primrose in their food to help with the dry skin and to help with the prickles coming through.
Anyway, I will try to get some better photos of Harry soon and some of the others.
Spikey is now living out in the new hutch and from what I can tell is enjoying it. :) Gail is soon to join him out in the bottom half of the hutch I think possibly later today once I can get it sorted. She is now 710grams so it won't be long and she will be released soon too. :)

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